Anita G Photography

This is the blog for Anita G Photography! Here you can find not only the final shots, but also behind the scenes shots, and ideas in the making of Anita's work.

Fashion Victim
Land, Sky and Sea
The Power of Light

Model: Josie Phin Cosplay 
Photographer: Anita G Photography
Location: Melbourne Show Grounds, Supanova 2013

I just realised, upon seeing this (EEEEEEEE!!!) that I never put these photos up by themselves. Which is bad of me because Josie is amazing and deserves so much recognition!!!

Light painting for for Holland Roden! (Who I am meeting on Sunday!)

I’ll post the actual photo once I’ve given it to her!


We are pleased to announce after months of work and thanks to the lovely people at Field Theory, Thrill is going to have a special stall at the Melbourne Art Fair

Come check us out at the Royal Exhibition Building, Balcony as part of the MAF Edge, ‘Social Capital’ curated by Jacqueline Doughty.

We’ll have copies of Thrill, costumes, props, a photography set up. So come say hi, we will be there for the entire art fair!

As a lot of you know I’ve had work in the teenwolfpostproduction offices, well, it’s also in the Season 3b fanart booklet! Centerfold, baby! WOO HOO!!

Updated price list! 

New packages coming soon!

I got my studio lights! they’re super cool. Got two lights, a softbox, reflector with barndoors and coloured gels, also a bag, triggers and stands! Woo!! Super duper happy and can’t wait to start shooting with them!

Light painting practice (thanks for the help Jess!!)


Model: thinkinggivesyouwrinkles
Outfit from Kitten D’Amour in Sydney

My house/backyard is amazing, look at the cool scenery we got!!

Model: thinkinggivesyouwrinkles

Photographer/Editing: Me

We started another shoot and got talking about cool bras, then BAM this happened. 

I figure I should do an update! So, I just bought a new tripod this morning, as some of you have said, ‘ABOUT TIME!’ so there’s that and I’ve also preordered a flash kit! So, I’ll be setting up a home studio here in Sydney! Woohoo!

On that note, tell your Sydney friends that I’m having a special! In August I when I get the lights, I’ll be doing a special studio price so that I can start to earn more from this.

And if anyone wants to do some on location shoots (in Sydney) in the next few weeks, I’d be more than happy to talk with you!

Hope everyone’s having a great day!!