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This is the blog for Anita G Photography! Here you can find not only the final shots, but also behind the scenes shots, and ideas in the making of Anita's work.

Fashion Victim
Land, Sky and Sea
The Power of Light

I said a while back I would be practicing my light painting. Well tonight I attempted something else but got these as a result. The smaller one is the very first attempt, and the second is a later one.

Neither are particularly fantastic but hey, it’s a start.

SupaNova 2014 was fantastic! I got so many photos and made a lot of new friends! Yay!

To tide you over until I finish editing the rest of them!

Inspired by this!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! Question: how was the photo you posted "This Might Hurt; Be The Spark" made? I mean, how did you (or the photographer, I don't know which to ask, sorry if it's not you) do the sparkler streaks? I think it has something to do with shutter speed, yet I can never figure it out! Thank you if you can help, and if not, it was a beautiful picture!
anitagphotography anitagphotography Said:

HELLO DEAR!!! Okay! So I’ll say first! I have a FAQ! But I just realised I haven’t updated that part yet. Ahha what a dork of me!

SO I’ll answer here and then write that up so you don’t have to wonder much more!

Yes you are correct, it’s to do with the shutter speed! SO you have to slow the shutter speed in order to paint with the light. 

Now for light, use whatever you want! I used sparklers! Like regular party ones. you can use torches, fairy lights, ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES!!!

Now, the process changes all the time.
'Be the Spark' was 20 second exposure (I think) f/3.5 aperture with two flashes from a flash gun (left right of camera) and two sparklers.

'The Power of Light', however was a 15 second with a f/1.8 with multiple flashes in back, and a phone light in front, plus sparklers. 

So it depends. And does that make sense to you/answer your question? If not let me know and I will happily clarify anything/explain more!



Hi guys! Monday is here yet again and today we are featuring the only cosplay/photograph piece that we have in our gallery so far.  This piece was created by the talented Anita, with the lovely Brianna as the model. It’s entitled, “Be The Spark”.



We loved this piece right away! Super creative and fantastically done. Hats off to this cosplayer as Dylan had to look twice before he was convinced it wasn’t him. Awesome work, girls!

imageAnd there you go! Dylan was a fantastic sport when taking these photos as you can see. Thank you Anita and Brianna! We love having this piece in our gallery! Beautiful!

That’s it for this week but we’ll be back next Monday with more!  Until then, check out the rest of our gallery here!

I AM STILL IN TEARS OF JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Because I love you."

Allison Argent: Jacqui S.
Scott McCall: chimeratea

Photographer/Concept: Me
Helpers: rachy-pants and stormybabe


A sample copy has been printed! Yay! It’s amazing! I can’t believe this is happening!


From Vaudeville in the Extreme last night (Which Speakeasy HQ hosted) in Canterbury! It was amazing to see everything and the headlining act Cal H. was amazing!

I recently (about 20 minutes ago) found out one of my favourite artists  (dariustwin) has a tumblr and posts very regularly on there and i want to do what he does. 

I’m going to start post a bunch of light painting images every week. I’m going to attempt figures, create scenes, and make everything fun (and learn more about light painting in the process, hopefully) 

Here’s to an adventure. 


i’m going to be in sydney for 15 weeks. wow. 

i got in. wow.

my photographys going somewhere. ahhhhh!!!

From Vaudeville in the Extreme last night (Which Speakeasy HQ hosted) in Canterbury! It was amazing to see everything and the headlining act Cal H. was amazing!