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This is the blog for Anita G Photography! Here you can find not only the final shots, but also behind the scenes shots, and ideas in the making of Anita's work.

Fashion Victim
Land, Sky and Sea
The Power of Light

Light painting practice (thanks for the help Jess!!)


Model: thinkinggivesyouwrinkles
Outfit from Kitten D’Amour in Sydney

My house/backyard is amazing, look at the cool scenery we got!!

Model: thinkinggivesyouwrinkles

Photographer/Editing: Me

We started another shoot and got talking about cool bras, then BAM this happened. 

I figure I should do an update! So, I just bought a new tripod this morning, as some of you have said, ‘ABOUT TIME!’ so there’s that and I’ve also preordered a flash kit! So, I’ll be setting up a home studio here in Sydney! Woohoo!

On that note, tell your Sydney friends that I’m having a special! In August I when I get the lights, I’ll be doing a special studio price so that I can start to earn more from this.

And if anyone wants to do some on location shoots (in Sydney) in the next few weeks, I’d be more than happy to talk with you!

Hope everyone’s having a great day!!

This goes out to all my friends, thank you. Thank you for supporting me in my photography venture, that’s turning into more of a lifestyle with this internship starting in June. 

Thank you to chimeratea and deerailed the most for the photo that helped pick everything up even more than it was. Thank you to teenwolfpostproduction for liking my work so much they wanted to put it up. 

Thank you for the confidence boost. It’s supported me in difficult ‘can I really do this?’ time. It’s proved to me that YES I CAN!!! Hell yeah I can! I’m going to Sydney for a internship on Monday thanks to you all and your supportive ways. 

So thank you. I don’t think I can ever be thankful enough.


It’s me again. saying my stuff. 

I have rewards and such, so yeah. If you’re not aussie, i’m happy to make art for you instead!!!

My best friend is gorgeous. And she is wonderful, amazing, and all round great fantastic person. I love her lots. 

Model: Rish N. 
Photographer/Editor: Anita G
Elliott st. Park



We go swimming every Wednesday and this time I brought my red tail. The lovely Anita of anitagphotography decided she wasn’t going to swim, so she took some more photos, the sweetheart <3

I’m really pleased with how this tail came out, it just looks so lovely on~ Needs a few more adjustments, but yes C:

Slowly gaining fans at Waves Leisure Centre; kids, parents and lifeguards a like!

The stunner holding me this time is my Mertender [and Selkie] in training Deer [ deerishus ]. They decided to just drop me into the water after Anita took the photo. Though they promised not to in future [lies]

I feel like I look like a murderous mer in the last picture!

-Mermaid Romy


"I’ve eaten like… five chicken rolls in the past week."

- the only thing i remember saying the entire weekend

photo by anitagphotography

model is me

(via hija-jiyangi)